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Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf, Putting Greens, and more!

SYNTHETIC TURF?.. Fake grass you say ?  YES!!

One simple, permanent solution, to many everyday property issues!

  • OK,..  So  there’s this one nagging area on your property that just won’t grow grass.   
  • Your pet is just ruining your lawn, and what they keep leaving behind (and you keep stepping in) as far as “little, and not so little” surprises, and those horrible yellow spots in the lawn ,…   
  • Your children really need a safe, clean, and nice play-area to have, (out of the house and off a screen), so they can just enjoy having fun and being a kid!   
  • You really want to be able to practice your golf short game, but don’t always have the time to get to the practice center or the golf course,…  
  • You’re just real tired of putting down fertilizer, watering, mowing, and spending your precious time trying to maintain a beautiful lawn. 
  • You’d love to dress up that area around the pool, patio, deck , fire-pit or grill.

Well, all of these issues, and more, can be solved  by installing Synthetic turf!    There are very specific turfs available for pet areas, playgrounds/play areas, putting greens and golf surfaces, as well as for lawn and leisure.  ALL of the turf choices are MAINTENANCE FREE, always look nice year round, and never need watering or steal your precious  time.

Take a look at our gallery, and see how we’ve solved all those problems and more, beautifully!

Give us a call, that turf solution is just a click and call away!