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Landscape Incentive Plans

Landscaping Incentive Plans for Real Estate

New incentive plans offered by Modern Landscaping
Landscape Incentive Plans for Real Estate is a new program only available to you from Modern Landscaping, Inc.

The way these plans work is very simple;

A Real Estate seller can offer a Landscaping Plan for buyers, where the seller’s home is sold with landscaping included in the selling price of the home. Funds are set aside out of the selling price of the home for a new Buyer to use for Landscaping only. The Buyer can choose from any product or service Modern Landscaping, Inc. offers. The Buyer meets with Modern Landscaping after the closing of the house, to design and implement their new landscaping or service for their home.

The amount of funds set aside for these plans is totally up to the Seller, $2,500, $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 or more, depending on how much of an incentive the Seller wants to include in the sale of the house.

Landscaping Incentive Plans can be added to a listing at any time prior to the closing transaction of the house.

A check at closing is made out to Modern Landscaping Inc. for the amount of incentive chosen, including the Buyers name and new address associated with it. This guarantees the plan is in place, and funds are used for Landscaping only. Any product or service Modern Landscaping, Inc. provides can be included.

Realtors now have another tool to offer to their Sellers, and another negotiating factor for their Buyers, when buying or selling a home.

Sellers can now set their home apart from other houses in a difficult Real Estate market.

Real Estate Buyers can now ask for a “Real Estate Incentive Plan” for any home they are looking to purchase as well.

Modern Landscaping, Inc. reserves the right to service or not service specific areas of Massachusetts.

Contact Modern Landscaping, Inc. to set up your Landscape Incentive Plan, or with any questions or comments.


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