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Computer Imaging

Computer Visualization for Landscaping!

Bev-2-bModern Landscaping, Inc. offers complete landscaping solutions utilizing computer landscape design software.  This very important aspect of Modern Landscaping, allows our clients the unique ability to see their finished landscape, even before shovel touches dirt. We take a picture of the area of your property that we are looking to improve. Then we take that photo, remove the unwanted items/area, and replace it with new landscaping. Now you can actually see what your property will look like when we have completed your project.  This vital feature allows complete peace of mind, having full assurance that your landscape project will be completed exactly to your specific design, meeting your own landscaping wants and needs,..  to a T!

Don’t just try to imagine what your new landscape will look like, take out all the guess work and see it first hand with Modern Landscaping’s virtual technology that offers you that very important choice.   As the saying goes,…” A picture’s worth a thousand words! ”

Here are a few examples of our computer imaging work – can you identify the original landscape from our computer enhanced portion? (click image for larger view):