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Before & After


We want to provide you with before and after views so that you can not only see the transformation that we’ve done with the properties of others, but so that you can fully understand, and conceivably envision, what’s possible for you and your home.

A dream always has a starting point. Some people give you ideas in conversation, you see something in a movie, or just flipping through a magazine,..  the seed of an idea is implanted in your mind. Sometimes these ideas turn into dreams that you’re passionate about. Other times they are simply fleeting thoughts that don’t elevate your heart rate at all. However, let’s focus on the former – an idea that turns into a dream that you imagine materializing. What dreams have you held onto for your home?

Perhaps you’ve thought about how you would like to make changes to your property, but you were overwhelmed by the thought, or just didn’t believe it was possible.

At Modern Landscaping, Inc., we know that even the most challenging areas to imagine being made beautiful, can be transformed into something elegant, functional, and something to be proud of. With the right planning, design, and know-how, we can work together as a team to create YOUR landscaping,.. that not only moves you, but is also breathtaking!